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What if you could learn dark art of coffee roasting? the skills and knowledge of how to control your roast? make decisions throughout the roast and modify the flavour to your liking!

Basic Schedule:

9am: Morning coffee and roasting theory
10Am: Roast defect cupping
11am-1230: Hands on Roasting

12.30-1: LUNCH

1.00-3.30: More Roasting
3.30-4.00: Debrief and conclusions

This is a very hands on course. This full day of roasting covers basic understanding of green beans, espresso and filter roasting techniques and defects. In particular, we will cover heat application techniques, temperature and data logging and overall roasting concepts that will help you dial in your roasts.

Lunch is provided and you can take away all the coffee that you roast!

Also included are course materials that will help you continue your learning.

Topics covered:

1- Green bean evaluation

2- Espresso roasting

3- Filter Roasting

4- Reading roast graphs

5- Understanding development time

Advanced or one on one training available:

Coffee Beans
Roasting Courses: Inner_about
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