1KG COLOMBIA -Purple Caturra Passion Fruit

1KG COLOMBIA -Purple Caturra Passion Fruit


This stunning coffee is brought to us from Rodrigo Sanchez, from the farm Monteblanco in Huila, Colombia.

Monteblanco is a family farm of 14 hectares located on the beautiful Suaza river valley which is managed by Rodrigo sanchez Valencia in the tradition of coffee cultivation that he started along with his grandfather.

The Rodrigo family:

 Rodrigo, his family and work team have been working in the world of specialty coffees for 16 years. They started working in 2002, they were one of the specialty coffee pioneers in Colombia. They realised that although no one abroad was yet interested in looking for varieties, processes, farms of origin or differentiated coffees in cup, they decided to adventure and start working hard to achieve added value to their product. Later in 2004, coffee in the world began to gain strength, to look for specialty differentiation in cup regions.

The Region:

Monteblanco’s temperature oscillates between 16 and 22 C degrees all year around. It has a luminosity of 1700 hours per year, which is an amazing amount for this type of crops.  There’s also a parabolic drying temperature and drying under shade, on the canopies. It has a washing process, a wet mill where the coffee is skinned and fermented, a cooler that guarantees a stable temperature between 10 and 14 degrees where cold fermentation is carried out.  For dry coffees, it is fermented in cans or in exclusive tanks for the fermentation of the natural processes.
The Process:

PURPLE CATURRA PASSION FRUIT  Fermentation process : For this process, purple caturra was chosen for its versatility in the preparation of any process, thanks to its higher concentration of Brix degrees, in addition to this it has a great sweetness material that allows the microorganisms to have an optimal area to work, where they are extracted. Making a composition of microorganisms and the desired flavour, such as passion fruit in this case, they are mixed and isolated for 8 days so that they are incorporated and reach the desired brix and PH degrees, then add this liquid full of life to the coffee to be fermented in barrels anaerobically. 
The coffee is incorporated and placed to ferment for 150 more hours, we take this until the Brix degrees do not drop below 6 and the PH does not drop below 4, we have discovered this balance point for coffee and be able to highlight the notes of the fruit in this case passion fruit, we know that we do not want it to be a flavour invasive so as not to alter or contaminate the flavour of coffee but rather carry the notes of the fruits to which we are inducing and fermenting, without forgetting that the base main for the preparation is coffee. This process is named after the fruit because we firmly believe in ethics and in the truth that takes place within these wonderful processes. 


Purple Caturra Passion fruit

The farm: Monteblanco

The Grower: Rodigo Sanchez

The farm size: 14 Hectares

The Region: Huila

The Origin: Colombia

The Elevation: 1730m.a.s.l

The Variety: Purple Caturra

The crop: 2020

The Process: 150h fermentation

Cupping notes:

This coffee has a sweet tropical fragrance, the flavours are very clean, very passionfruity almost like pasito. Silky body, fruit puch like with an amazing aftertaste. 



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