1KG Colombian Organic

1KG Colombian Organic


This fantastic coffee from the "Coffee Origen Grupo Organico Sur DEl Huila" is a group made up of farmers who for years have implemented practices consistent with organic farming, which they implement in their production of their crops. The main objective of the group is to consilidate itself in the international market not only with the reference of an organic coffee but with the addition of special characteristics in quality from the physical aspect as well as from the organoleptic attributes.

The producers that belong to this group are located in the South of the Department of Huila, in the municipalities of Isnos, San Agustin, Pitalito and Acevedo.

Group Name: Coffee Organic Origin South of Huila

Total number of producers:  60

Number of Women:  15

Number of Men:  45

Height above Sea level:  1350-1900 m.a.s.l

Coffee Area:  153 Hectares

Varieties:  Caturro- Castillo- Colombia- Tabi- Bourbon             

Harvest:  October- November-December-January

Certifications:  NOP/USDA, (CE) 834/2007 and 889/2008, JAS " Japenese  Agricultural Standards"

Process: Washed

Crop: 2020

Cupping Notes:

Sweet and Vibrant, soft florals and a red berry acidity.



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