Colombia  Purple Caturra Cold Fermentation

Colombia Purple Caturra Cold Fermentation


Rodrigo Sanchez and his team at Monteblanco have done it again!! 

This coffee is a stunning  example of how good a cold fermentaion can be.

The Farm:

Monteblanco farm is located in the Municipality of Acevedo, Jurisdicción San Adolfo in the village of La Tocora, at an altitude of 1730 amsl. In its surroundings we can find the Cueva de los Guácharos National Natural Park, which is one of the 59 protected areas belonging to National Parks of Colombia.  Monteblanco farm is located on the beautiful Suaza river valley.
Monteblanco is a family farm of 14 hectares managed by Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia in the tradition of coffee cultivation that he started along with his grandfather.  They achieved to grow various coffee varieties with big success in terms of quality and productivity, such as Geisha, Bourbon Rosé, Pacamara, Caturra Purpura, Caturra Rojo among others. Reaching ideal conditions for both physical and sensory adaptation, Rodrigo and his team was able to develop unique profiles that have achieved worldwide recognition with a wide acceptance of the most exclusive palates of the different coffee markets.
Monteblanco’s temperature oscillates between 16 and 22 C degrees all year around. It has a luminosity of 1700 hours per year, which is an amazing amount for this type of crops.  There’s also a parabolic drying temperature and drying under shade, on the canopies. It has a washing process, a wet mill where the coffee is skinned and fermented, a cooler that guarantees a stable temperature between 10 and 14 degrees where cold fermentation is carried out.  For dry coffees, it is fermented in cans or in exclusive tanks for the fermentation of the natural processes.

Rodrigo and His Team:

Rodrigo, his family and work team have been working in the world of specialty coffees for 16 years. They started working in 2002, they were one of the specialty coffee pioneers in Colombia. They realised that although no one abroad was yet interested in looking for varieties, processes, farms of origin or differentiated coffees in cup, they decided to adventure and start working hard to achieve added value to their product. Later in 2004, coffee in the world began to gain strength, to look for specialty differentiation in cup regions.
The Cold Fermentation Process:

  In 2015, we started a new process called cold fermentation, giving way to the new profiles we were looking for. This process consists in processing the coffee in a cooling room to extend its
fermentation highlighting its flavours.  Perfecting this process took us more than 2 years until we found the right balance between measuring Brix degrees, time and
fermentation temperature, achieving more diverse profiles and consistency in
the cup.  
This caturra coffee is collected between 26° to 30° brix degrees. The coffee is then submerged in water to remove impurities and level its temperature.  It stays in the cold room in grain-pro bags during 76 hours.  After this time, it it thoroughly washed  and goes to direct sunlight during its first 3 days and then is transported to the canopies to dry even further under shade for 23-25 days.


Purple Caturra Cold Fermentation:

Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Farm: Monteblanco

Grower: Rodrigo Sanchez

Process: Natural, Cold fermentation

Altitude: 1730 m.a.s.l

Cupping Notes:

Light, tea like body with notes of blackberry and a jammy sweetness with floral notes. 




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