1KG Colombia, La Esperanza

1KG Colombia, La Esperanza


Th Farm: 

La Esperanza is produced on a three gerenational farm. The owner of the farm, Gustavo Hoyos started the business 40 to 50 years ago. Felipe, his son has taken over business with his son Miguel in charge of marketing. The farm started quite small but has grown considerably over the 50 years that it has been operating.


The Harvest: The Mitaca is early in the year  between March and May  ( Mitaca is the second harvest, sometimes called the fly crop colombia being one of the few regions that have two harvests, the mitaca accounts for 20-30% of the crop) 

The Main harvest runs from early September to the end of November.


The Process:

After the coffee is picked or harvested and discharged into the wet mill, the coffee is pulped and demucilaged, after that the tanks are filled with water to wash the coffee and then ferment for 18hrs. The drying process is in a silo thats temerature does not exceed 45-50 degrees celsius.


The Farm: La Esperanza

The Grower: Felipe Hoyos

Farm Size: 80 Hectares

Region: Caladas, Chinchina, La Paz

Elevation:  1350-1500m.a.s.l

Variety: Castillo Colombia

Process: Washed

Cupping Notes: Dried fruit, rasins and caramel




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