1kg Burundi Rugori

1kg Burundi Rugori

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In 1978, an Italian was instructed to build a coffee washing station in the province of Ngozi. The station was called Rugori, located in the Busiga commune. The people of this region were always in good spirits and often showed and spread qualities such as joy and ever-present happiness which, according to the local people, was a character trait thought to be worthy of a crown, which explains just how the station was named, for Rugori is the Kirundi word for crown. The commune of Busiga which houses the washing station holds very important history to the nation of Burundi. In the old days of the royal wars which had the chiefs and kings from both Burundi and Rwanda constantly at battle with each other, Busiga commune would house the soldiers and sentries responsible for keeping lookout for any attack from the neighbors to the north.


Crop: 2020

Variety: Red Bourbon

Grade: Specialty

Altitude: 1680 m.a.s.l

Moisture: 11.7%

Screen Size: 15+

Process: Washed

Cupping Notes:

A balanced cup with notes of caramel toffee, juicy tangerine and honey.



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