1kg Burundi, Gihere Kobero

1kg Burundi, Gihere Kobero

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Gihere station falls within the Tangara zone. Gihere is the Kirundi name for bed bugs as many were found around the station. The name of Tangara comes from the word “Gutangara” meaning “to be surprised”. The origin for this name comes from the story of the local people being astonished by helicopters flying over their lands and making pieces of small paper fall from the sky. The area was actually a military training zone and in particular, for skydiving exercises done by the troops but the local villagers weren’t used to seeing such unfamiliar machinery.


Crop: 2019

Variety: Red Bourbon

Grade: Specialty

Altitude: 1690 m.a.s.l

Moisture: 11.5%

Screen Size: 15+

Process: Washed

Cupping Notes:

Juicy and sweet with notes of milk chocolate and distinctive citrus and white peach flavours.





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