Brazil 500g Combo pack

Brazil 500g Combo pack


Two Coffees, Two process, One producer... cant choose.... why not get both. 

Why not compare the fantastic Brazil Andressa naturally processed coffee with its Chocolate, cashew and carmel notes with its equally good Brazil Andressa Pulped natural processed coffee with orangey notes, thick body and milk chocolate and caramel flavours.

Matas de Minas is a speciality coffee growing district, located in the south-east of Minas Gerais state, inland from Brazil's Atlantic coast. Matas de Minas are the Minas Forests, a dense mountainous forest region that i home to the plantations of Andressa coffee, symbolized by the native forest puma.

Andressa coffee is farmed by small family growers at altitudes between 800m-1200m, near Espera Feliz, using naturally sustainable methods.


Brazil Natural:

Crop: 2020

Variety: Caturra Bourbon

Grade: NY2/3 SSGC

Altitude: 1200 m.a.s.l

Moisture: 11.3%

Screen Size: 17/18+

Process: Natural

Cupping Notes:

Chocolate, Creamy cashew and caramel.......SNICKERS!!

Lighter roasts can reveal a beautiful pineapple acidity.



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