Australian  Jack Murat

Australian Jack Murat


Jack Murat Coffee is a family business who is dedicated to growing, roasting and sharing some of Australia's finest coffee. Located in tropical far north Queensland the Murat family nuture their crop from seedlings, all coffee is processed on the farm in Mareeba.

About the Murats.

In 1929 Hymet Murat, known as "Jack" arrived in Australia,  at just 16 he earned a living chopping wood but always dreamed of bigger things. It was in the tropical sun drenched fields of Mareeba that those dreams took place.  It was there in those sun drenched fields that he and other migrant wrorkers sowed the seeds of the tobacco industry and began his family tradition of working on the land.Soon Jack had saved enough to buy his own farm, which grew over time as did his family.

Today the tobacco is long gone but almost 90 years later his descendants still remain. On the same fertile land, growing a new crop, some of Australias fines Arabica. As a mark of respect, they put Jack's name on it. 


Farm: Jack Murat Coffee

Loctation: Mareeba, QLD, Australia

Alititude: 400 to 700 m.a.s.l

Annual rainfall: 830mm Irrigation is also involved.

Crop: 2020

Variety: Catuai Rojo, a cross between Mundo Novo and Caturra

Varietal origin: Costa Rica

Process: washed

Cupping notes: Caramel, toffee and dried fruit.





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