1 kg BRAZIL Pulped Natural

1 kg BRAZIL Pulped Natural


From the same producer as our beautiful Brazil Andressa, this pulped natural wont dissapoint. This coffee has a thick body, orangey notes and flavours of caramel and milk chocolate.

Matas de Minas is a speciality coffee growing district, located in the south-east of Minas Gerais state, inland from Brazil's Atlantic coast. Matas de Minas are the Minas Forests, a dense mountainous forest region that i home to the plantations of Andressa coffee, symbolized by the native forest puma.

Andressa coffee is farmed by small family growers at altitudes between 800m-1200m, near Espera Feliz, using naturally sustainable methods.


Crop: 2019/2020 
Variety: Caturra and Bourbon  
Grade: NY2/3 SSGC 
Altitude: 1200 m.a.s.l 
Moisture: 11.3% 
Screen Size17/18 
Cupping Notes:

Classic Brazil profile - Chocolate, caramel fudge and soft acidity! 



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