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a few Things you might like to know...

I'm a home this for me?

Yes! We buy directly from coffee producing nations and would love to give home roasters equal access to coffee that is usually reserved only for large roasters.

how much can i buy?

you can buy as little or as much as you like.Most coffees are available in 1kg parcels, some are 500g parcels. For special requirements, contact Rai directly 

how do i pay?

Ordersplaced online can be paid via credit card or paypal. For in-store pickups, we have an eftpos terminal available.

how does the coffee get delivered to me?

For online orders, the coffee is sent to you by Australia post or by courier...depending on where you are located.

We can send parcels anywhere in Australia

can i pick up myself?

Yes! Just book in an appointment time and we will meet you there!

where is the store located?

Pickup is from our office at 78 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills.

can i buy bigger amounts?

Sure, just email with your request and we can work out the details for you.

can i make special arrangements?

Sure! just email us your request and we will make the neccessary arrangements.

i need help roasting!

We can help with that! book a phone call or come in store to learn from our resident pro...

i need help blending!

We know each and every bean intimately, so if you need advice, you need only ask!

im a commercial this for me?

For commercial roasters, it still pays to be able to purchase smaller quantities of something either for trial purposes or showcase coffees. 

where does the coffee come from?

We are always bringing new and exciting coffees in directly from origin, keep an eye on the shop and sign up to the newsletter to get notified of new arrivals!

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